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Take back bedtime with Toto

The wearable device that tells you when your baby is naturally ready for bedtime!

  • Assists with sleep training for ages 6 months to 24 months.
  • Takes the guess work out of bedtime.
  • Easy to use free app.
  • Created by a parent for parents.
  • Avoid your baby from becoming over tired at bedtime.
  • Support healthy infant development to reach their milestones
Nap or Bedtime Notifications

Nap or Bedtime Notification

Alerts the parent that their child is ready to start their naptime/bedtime routine

Biometric Technology

Biometric Technology

Every child has unique biometrics and Toto works with your child’s biometric clock

Assists with Sleep Training

Assists with Sleep Training

Toto works with your chosen method of sleep training

Biometric Sleep Aid

New innovative method

Toto is the first wearable sleep aid of its kind to help parents sleep train their babies and infants. Using an innovative new method, the Toto uses your child’s own biometrics to pinpoint their ideal window to start bedtime.

Routine Matters

Establishing a routine for your baby is crucial for you and your family’s well being. Routine provides stabilty and an understanding of what is expected daily of your child. This will greatly increase your chance at baby sleeping through the night, providing everyone with a well deserved rest. In addition to this, a good night’s sleep provides your child with the ability to reach their developmental milestones and everyone’s over all general health when we are well rested!

Happy Child = Happy Parent

Give your whole family a TOTO nights sleep


  • What is sleep training?
    Simply place the Toto on the child’s wrist and pair to the app via bluetooth to your chosen device. Then let Toto take the guess work out of bedtime for you! Toto will tell you when your child is starting to get tired. Letting you understand your child’s sleep cues. This ensures the correct timing for a successful bed time!
  • When can I sleep train?
    Sleep training isn’t recommend before 6 months as children aren’t developmentally ready to self soothe and still need reassuring when they wake during the night.